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Quotes about life

Quotes about life are memorable quotes mostly famous people said. They are about life, love, success, breaking up and many other topics. Quotes about life are usually clever facts put together and probably put together in funny way, too. They describe situations in life, actual events and some clever thoughts about it. Famous people have their own problems in life. They also fall in love, have money trouble, drinking problems and all sorts of other stuff going on in their lives. The thing is: famous people get a lot attention from media; anything they say or do is memorable because of that.













Quotes about life discover many clever thoughts. Clever thinking is in some way quite rare these days. Media is covered with all kinds of nonsense, stupid wannabe stars, affairs, wars and all sorts of other negative stuff. Clever thinking is all but that. Quotes about life reveal trouble solutions. They show us the proper way for thinking when in trouble. In the old days it was really hard to find a useful quote that suits you. Nowadays internet is full of everything, and that goes for quotes about life, too. One in need only needs a bit of imagination and will and useful quotations can be found.

Clever thinking is – as we all may think – very rare those days. There are too many shallow persons in public and they are role models for nowadays youth. They should not be considered seriously, but mostly and unfortunately they are…